Hallo© Vision

The vision on organizations

At Hallo© nobody is labelled. Our students are multifunctional players with different talents and abilities. Basically, they can move across the field and take over tasks from one another. Our final product is more than the sum of its parts. After all, dialogue and discussion bring people more than they could get individually. Difference in opinion is a bridge to better ideas.

The vision on people

Hallo© believes that every human being is creative and versatile. Linear thinking, traditional schooling systems, rules and regulations limit creativity. At Hallo© there is no good or bad. There are no absolute truths. There is only usability. Truths are temporary and local. It is not about being right. It is about becoming wiser.

The vision on communication

Concepts (behind brands) combine on an abstract level all the tools and forms of expression of a brand. That is the vision of Hallo© on commercial communication. Those of us today, who are active in applied creativity, don't sell something. At best they create the conditions and circumstances under which people decide whether they will buy. Man is an active autonomous factor in the marketing process. We want to become part of his life and share his experiences.