Hallo© Education

Hallo© Academy for applied creativity is an international one-year postgraduate study for applied creativity, with the focus on strategic thinking, concept development and opportunity seeking. Hallo© in fact is a masters in essence thinking and upside down thinking. You cannot compare us with any other academy. Hallo© teaches people to think in a conceptual/generalist way, across all disciplines. Within this context all areas and possibilities of contemporary communication are covered in-depth. Hallo© anticipates on new views, likes to try out new patterns of play, stimulates the improvisation and association ability of the players, is constantly in search for new ways to create an optimal product. Hallo© applauds the principle of playing, learning and working. Students will work on open yet practically orientated assignments and real assignments provided by real clients, while being coached.


Lectures cover the whole field of contemporary communication. As new product development, new business development, interactive communication, corporate communication, conceptual branding, brand experience, brand activation, corporate design, design management, event marketing, consumer behaviour, retail development, news & public relations, social media and society thinking.

Separate lessons are given on trend analysis, research, new tools and new media, the newest developments in the branch, fees and copyrights, negotiation- and presentation techniques and new organisation structures.


It’s the premier league of creative and strategic visionaries who give the lectures. They include strategy-directors, creative directors, art directors, copywriters, designers, trend-analysts, researchers, taste designers, film directors, TV-producers, new product developers, content creators, conceptual web designers, social media experts and more.

Hallo© makes sure that the boundaries of applied creativity are further explored during master classes given by well-known creative directors and strategy directors from abroad, as well as scriptwriters, film directors, architects, actors, fashion prophets, editors in chief, publishers, taste designers, chefs and other inspiring people.


Hallo© arranges an external personal coach for each student. This results in optimal contact with the creative industry.

Hallo© Cost

The costs of the study are €. 12.500,-- (ex 21% VAT).