Hallo© Training


During the whole year Hallo© Training organizes workshops tuned to everyday practice. Currently you can choose within the following range. 

Hallo© Concept 

The art of disruption and learn to look differently. The importance of opportunity seeking, creative strategic thinking and upside down thinking. Knowing how to give stimuli to commercial creativity. Controlling concept development and branding. Refreshed in two long weekends [six days]. Up to 10 participants. 

Cost: €. 2.900,-- per person. 

Hallo© Concept judgment 

The art of stimulating commercial creativity and the judgment of creative work. To distinguish the various phases in the communication process and to check them with the appropriate criteria. Taught in three days or in a one-day crash course. Up to 12 participants.

Cost three-day course: €. 2.600, -- per person.
Cost one-day crash course: €. 1.000,-- per person.

Hallo© Concept selling 

To understand the concept development process. Translate the client brief into a proper creative brief. Knowing how to present and to get an agreement on creative work. Taught in three days or a one-day crash course. Up to 12 participants.

Cost three-day course: €. 2.600,-- per person.
Cost one-day crash course:  €. 1.000,-- per person.

Hallo© Innovation 

The art of learning to look differently at your environment. Seeing and creating opportunities. The advantages of opportunity seeking. New product development. New business development. Online product development. New concept thinking for an always-connected society. How to improve your profitability by an optimal merge between creativity and technology. Taught in four day sessions. Up to fourteen participants.

Cost: €. 3.400,-- per person.

Hallo© Strategy 

About the latest views on creative strategic thinking. About the paradigm of the old order to the new order. About front garden thinking. About the importance of do-thinking. About disruption, margeting, the Roots model, the John Grant method and Content strategy. About the chances of the new electronic reality and sub-muscularization. Taught in four half-day sessions.

Cost: €. 3.200,-- per person.

Hallo© Copy 

About the power of the word and the art of visual writing. A day course. Up to twelve participants. 

Cost: €. 950,-- per person.

Hallo© Master 

An international brush up training for creative directors, strategy directors and designers from all over Europe. Four days in Amsterdam. Information on request.

All the prices are excluding 21 % VAT.