Hallo© Application


Hallo© welcomes students who have graduated from universities and academies. But it is not a must. It is of greater importance that candidates link their knowledge with large doses of curiosity and passion. They have to be people who are willing to explore new ways, tangent to traditional patterns of thinking, who can give new impulse to the profession. They think on a highly abstract level. For several different reasons, it is important that they speak English. Hallo© selects candidates as follows. Once candidates have applied, they will receive a case study, which is identical for all candidates. On the basis of the work received, the selection committee makes an initial selection. Those who are selected will be invited for an interview. The selection committee will consist of a minimum of two members and one former student. The final selection is made on the basis of the interviews.

Hallo© has place for a maximum of 20 students. This allows for individual attention and optimal coaching. Students will work in teams and the teams will change composition during the course of the program.

If you would like to receive the application assignment, please send a mail to: hallo@halloacademie.nl