Hallo© Lab

The Think-tank of Hallo©

With 240 graduated Hallo© professionals (Hallo© Alumni) it is the largest creative strategic Think-tank of Europe and perhaps of the world. Hallo© Lab works for companies, brands, institutions, foundations and governments. The vision and the mission of Hallo© are the thread for everything Hallo© Lab does. The teams are working the way they have learned at the Hallo© Academy. Open minded, looking for opportunities, off the beaten path, in search for new ways. Hallo© Lab provides a fresh look at brands and companies by breaking through existing conventions and identifies and visualizes business opportunities. Depending on the nature of the assignment a team is composed of two too five Hallo© professionals. The teams exchanged per job. More teams may also be involved. The assembling of a team is also based on the specific expertise. A creative director accompanies every team.

A client may bring any project at Hallo© Lab. From the analysis of buying behaviour to the creative positioning or (re) development of a brand. From the development of a new product or service to setting people in motion. All this in close consultation with the client and the responsible people in the organization. In this integrated approach everyone is part of the route chosen.

Projects (whether or not experimental) started at the Hallo© Academy can also be transferred to and finalized at Hallo© Lab.

Hallo© workshops

It is also possible at Hallo© Lab to organize workshops and brainstorm sessions together with managers and employees. The strategic creative management of Hallo© Lab accompanies these sessions. For the creative input Hallo© Alumni are selected. These sessions are very suitable for internal communication and motivation, brainstorming about brands and trends, obtaining a new view on retail, development of new products and new services and so on.

Hallo© expert sourcing

Hallo© Lab can also be used for crowd sourcing and co-creativity with a selected number of Alumni from all over the world on specific topics. These digital brainstorm sessions may optionally be extended with guest tutors and other experts who have given international master classes at the Hallo© Academy for applied creativity.