Hallo© Agenda

Hallo© training sessions in January/ February/March 2018:


Two long weekends 'Hallo© Concept'

February 1, 2 and 3 and February 8, 9 and 10

The art of disruption and learn to look differently. The importance of opportunity seeking, creative strategic thinking and upside down thinking.  Knowing how to give stimuli to commercial creativity. Controlling concept development, conceptual branding and storytelling.


Learning breaking of conventions. To make opportunity-oriented thinking to your second nature and learning to look differently to your environment and the everyday things. Learning to trace the essence, or the target. Translating the client brief into an inspiring creative brief. Training ‘the fantasy muscle’ and boosting ‘the upside down thinking’. The understanding of concept development. The creation of a country around the brand.

Hallo© Concept is open for up to 14 participants. Cost of the course: €. 2.900,-- p.p. all in (excluding 21% VAT, travel expenses and any accommodation expenses). 

Registrations still possible via the registration page


One-day crash course 'Hallo© Concept selling'

January 30

Hallo© Concept selling is all about understanding the concept development process. Translating the client brief into a proper creative brief. Knowing how to present and to get an agreement on creative work. Taught in a one-day crash course.

The workshop is open for up to 12 participants. Cost of the course: €. 1.000, -- per person (excluding 21% VAT).

Registrations via the registration page